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How to choose a stair lift?

All ladder lifts look the same and have the same key functions, but the manufacturers of these devices differentiate their products due to additional functions and improved capabilities which types of lifts are the most popular today. We have identified the main functions that should be taken into account when preparing to purchase a lift.

The weight

Each hoist is characterized by its maximum lifting weight. While the high productivity in this respect makes the lift itself heavier, it is still necessary to pay attention to this type of device. Lifts with a small maximum power not only raise too slowly, but can also be unsafe for people using the devices.


Lifts work with electricity, but in times of power outages they must also be equipped with batteries. With battery powered lifts work quieter than those that are powered only by the electrical network.

Seat features

The use of the lift must be not only effective, but also convenient. This means that the landing should be ergonomic, protect from dangers and be regulated. Many stair lifts are equipped with a seat with seat belts. When the lift is not in use, the footrest, as well as the seats, must fold. Height adjustment and other safety functions are a premium indicator. What is the difference between a stairclimber and a powered one? has a video demo.

Safety sensors

The best stair lifts are equipped with sensors. These sensors are responsible for the lift path for warning of obstacles. When interference occurs on the way of the device, these sensors react instantly, provoking the stoppage of the device, preventing accidents and damages.


Lifts with a switch can not be used without a key. This option is extremely needed in homes with children. Without a key, the device will not turn on and remain at its base position.


Stair lifts with this option assume an infra-red control panel to allow the device to be raised or lowered. This is very useful for couples who use the lift together.

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